Hilken Fahrzeugbau- your Professional for Three-Way-Tipper

Get your individual, for your needs specialized, Three-Way-Tipper. We are your professional company for Three-Way-Tipper in special fabrications. The Tree-Way-Tipper is primary used in agricultural enterprises and installations in rural Areas, Biogas Plants and Construction Industry. But no building site is like the other and every agricultural operation requirements are different. Benefit from our individual designed Three-Way-Tipper what meets your needs and requirements.

There are nearly no limits to its application possibilities for our Three-Way-Tipper. Whether soil, gravel, sand or boulders, additional bulk goods, wheat harvest, yellow corn, rice or potatoes because of the mobile transporting surface you can't renounce the powerful Three-Way-Tipper. Our Three-Way-Tipper is the further development of the Two-way tipper. While the Two-way-tippers emptied to the right and to the left, the Tree-Way-Tipper additional can emptied to the back. Meanwhile the Three-Way-Tipper is one of the most common construction / agricultural vehicles and have already become an integral part of daily business life. The Three-Way-Tipper is a very flexible trailer, because the trailer is easy to maneuver.

  • Application area: Agriculture, construction industry, biogas plants
  • Gravel, boulders, sand, soil, wheat, yellow corn, rice or potatoes
  • As trailer very flexible maneuverable

Technical Data for Three-Way-Tipper

As a professional at Vehicle construction we are specialized for solutions to all transportation problems. Hilken-Fahrzeugbau is manufacturing your Three-Way-Tipper in different specifications exactly as needed for your daily performance requirements. To offer you our Three-Way-Tipper to an affordable price we try to keep the expenses as favorable as possible.

You can tow the Hilken Three-way-Tipper as trailer with a truck, tugboat or houler/tractor. The total weight is between 5to and 34to up to the selected design. The internal payload of a Hilken Three-Way-Tipper can be 5to, 8to, 15to or 32to. The gross vehicle weight you can choose between 12 t, 14 t, 16 t, 18 t and 24 t. Make your decision between a Two-Way-Tipper, a Three-Way-Tipper or a Rear-Tipper. The Tandem-version gets manufactured with a oscillating axle, a bogie, a parable and of course a air suspension. The Rear-Tipper comes with a Tandem-or Tridem-Chassis.

Technical Details Overview:

  • Total weight: between 10000kg and 38000kg
  • Internal payload: between 10 m³ and 48 m³
  • Versions: Two-Way-Tipper, Three-Way-Tipper, Rear-Tipper, Dumper, Dumper XXL, Sand-Trailer, Half pipe, construction-Tipper
  • Application area: Agriculture, construction industry, biogas plants
  • Adapted for: as trailer for Truck, tugboat or hauler/tractor
  • Landing gear: Tandem, oscillating axle, a bogie, a Parable suspension, air suspension
  • Rear-Tipper : available as Tandem and Tridem
  • Safety: highest security through know-how

The commercial Three-Way-Tipper

Whether commercial vehicle, construction machine, dumper or exactly specified as Three-Way-Tipper, Hilken Fahrzeugbau is manufacturing your individual Trailer, which will assist your daily work. We are pleased to fulfill your special requirements, as you announce. The brand Hilken stands since many years for high-performance, save and modern utility vehicles and construction machines. Three-Way-Tippers as heavy trucks, tractors or tugboats widely adopted in construction industry, agriculture and city maintenance (Biogas plants). During harvest time Three-Way-Tippers with road approval in daily use.

Depending on construction Hilken Three-Way-Tippers can be combined with special equipment for loading and unloading. Possible options as grain cbhutes enable a focused load-and unloading.

The idea of using gravity for unloading is not new, because even since last century they knew how to use winches for an easier unloading. Thanks to the inventiveness of hydraulic there is no manpower necessary to unload tons of goods in a few minutes.

New vehicles manufactured on customer request

If you decide for Hilken-Fahrzeugbau, you decide for a vehicle manufactured individual on costumer request. You find us at our facility in
Am Flugplatz 2
16833 Lentzkea
Motorway A24 exit Fehrbellin

and at our facility in 27412 Vorwerk-Buchholz near Tamstedt.
Please contact us at Hilken-Fahrzeugbau per phone 0049-4283-982111 and get your personal quotation.