dump trailer HI2250HM

Dump Trailer HI2250HM

Q-Line – our new series

Logical development, excellent materials, stable components

This is Q (quality). Not cheap, but inexpensive, modern and high- powered trailer

  • Hardox half round-trough
  • High performance axles ea.14 t at 105kmh, extra sealed break shafts, hugh bearing combination
  • heavy load multi-axle for truck-trailer, long lifetime and less subsequent costs characterize this axle in the roughest conditions
  • Tandem-aggregate oscillating from a large-volume tube, extremely stabil and all-terrain
  • Axle unit is bolted to the chassis
  • Chassis and bridge frame made of closed tubular profile S355
  • Hydraulic skid leg support with double acting cylinders, with tractor connection, with stopcock, also for uneven undergrounds well suitable
  • Large-volume telescopic cylinder guaranteed a large tilt-angle (over 60°)
  • Towing device height adjustable for K80 and towing eye suitable, sprung execution(above and below)


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total weight 22000 kg with K80
speed 40kmh/60kmh
bridge lenght (inside) 5000 mm
bridge width (inside) 2200 mm
trough height 1000 mm
total volume water measure approx. 12m³
wall thickness 6 mm Hardox
bottom 6mm Hardox
axle 10-hole
cylinder 6 positions
rocker bearing Ø 110 mm flanged
tyres 710/50 R26,5
traction device K80 optional towing eye
varnishing 2-component PUR multilayer hard lacquer
TÜV certificate 40kmh
others freight charges on request
special equipment tyres 650/55 R 26,5 profil 380
automatic trailer coupling
trailer coupling 8t
Air and hydraulic connection for second trailer
2nd hydraulic drive-shaft
Chaff-top 1200 mm high
other equipment on request


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